Signs of the times

One of the most historical uses of vitreous enamel is signage, much of which is highly sought after by collectors and is still as bright and clear as the day they first emerged from the furnace. The durability of the early advertising sign is obvious when compared to modern road signs that are produced in less durable materials that fade and become shabby.

Enamelled signage and panelling is still widely used and is essential in fire hazardous areas such as underground railway stations as, by its very nature, it is completely non - flammable. The specification of vitreous enamel for both decorative and functional parts in underground railway station applications is now universal. The famous London Underground station signs and maps are instantly recognisable uses of this unique product.

Hy-Tech's work can be seen at Bond Street, Brixton and Heathrow’s underground stations and many more in both signage and paneling, with care taken to replicate the heritage of the sites where applicable and to produce clear information-giving products that are vital to London’s travellers.

Milton Keynes Central Trolley Instructions Sign