The Cast Iron Pots & Pans Company

The Cast Iron Pots and Pans CompanyBeautiful cast iron cookware made in France and hand-finished in Somerset is available from The Cast Iron Pots & Pans Company.

Hy-Tech has put its expertise to domestic use to assist in the production of aesthetically pleasing cast iron cookware that is both attractive and durable.

The Cast Iron Pots & Pans Company hand-crafts each pan in vitreous enamel in its plant in Somerset. It is this enamel which gives this cast iron cookware its longevity in that it can withstand extreme heat and constant use.

This range includes saucepans, frying pans and casserole dishes and these can be purchased individually or as part of a matching set. This cast iron cookware can be used either on the stove, in the oven, or presented on the kitchen or dining room table for decades to come.

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Close up of a red cast iron casserole dish