Bath Time, Bath Shine!

Image of an old cast iron bath in need of re-enamellingMary Nicholls had had her bath for as long as she had lived in her house and it was looking a little worse for wear.

An unattended drip had stained the enamel under the taps and the plughole area was rusty. Furthermore, the existing enamel had stated to come away from its cast iron structure in other areas.

Ms Nicholls said: “The bath had lost all of its shine. It was very dull and any dirt seemed to become ingrained almost.  It was really quite hideous.”

She added: “The bath was in a bad state. Some years ago we painted on enamel from a kit to cover the marks - not a successful solution!” 

The bath having been shot blasted to remove the existing enamel.Mrs Nicholls’ first thought was to replace her bath with a new one but it was both short and narrow and suited the dimensions of her bathroom, so ended up searching the Internet for a refurbishment solution, although she had never heard of anyone else who had had their bath re-enamelled.  She found the solution here at Hytech.

“Hy-Tech came to collect the bath very promptly and it was during the Christmas period when it was snowy and the roads were dicey. They could have delayed but they still came out.”

Hy-Tech is based in Highbridge, Somerset, and the Mrs Nicholls lives in a village east of Salisbury.

How the bath now looks after completion or the re-enamelling process.The bath was taken back to Hy-Tech’s plant when the enamelling process began. The bath was shot blasted to remove the existing enamel, followed by specialist welding to repair the heavy rusting around the plug hole. It was then coated with three layers of vitreous enamel. Each layer was fused to the surface by heating in a furnace to a temperature greater than 750 degrees centigrade. This genuine vitreous will enable Mrs Nicholls to enjoy her bath for many years to come,

How the bath now looks after completion or the re-enamelling process.She said: “Our little bath has a ridge around the edge and raised areas for the taps, features we rather like and not found on the modern baths, so we were keen to keep this old tub!  We are very pleased with the results of having it properly re-enamelled. The bath has a lovely gleam to it and I am delighted with the results.”

Bathroom Image